Clash of Clans MOD APK with Unlimited Everything

Clash of clans comes to our mind whenever anyone says strategy game. Everyone wants to construct a kingdom that no one can attack. To have superpowers to protect your kingdom, you will need assets to take the kingdom to the next level; Clash of Clans Mod APK will help you.

Using superpowers and skills defeating everyone in clash of clans is nearly possible. Of course, you should not show off your winnings, as your name on the leaderboard will say it all.

Every game lover joins multiple clans and not this much, and you’ll always be able to advance yourself on the leaderboard of your favorite clan that your mates will be shocked watching your progress. This is possible with coc mod apk.

Clash of Clans mod apk

With the clash of clans mod apk latest version, you can get unlimited gems, elixir, gold, and much more to beat your enemies in the game.

Download Clash of Clans Mod APK

Name Clash of Clans
Developer Supercell
Size 206 MB
Version 14.93.11
Requirements 4.0.3 and Up
Rating 4.5

Clash of Clans Features:

Clash of clans is among one of the most exciting games. Even though several games have been released but game players still love it. Let’s dive in and have a look at some of the amazing features that clash of clans mod ask offers. You can:

  • Build your tribe or even join an existing
  • Take part in grand clan combats
  • Prove your skills in the most important leagues to get valuable prizes and win.
  • Play a single-player clash and fight the goblin king.
  • Protect your fort by attacking towers and by using cannons, bombs.
  • Train and enhance the skills of the heroes, be attentive and timely ward off your enemy.
  • Travel around a vast magical world and find out new heroes.

GamePlay of COC Mod Apk

To play Clash of Clans MOD APK on your device, you’ve to download and install it. In the beginning, you will have a plain piece of land along with different resources.

You will take on the role of the almighty of your folks. Get involved in a fantastic experience of building up a massive land from scratches, lead your army to glory by supervising their tracks, take down other tribes as you rule the properties, and much more.

Clash of clans apk gamplay


Find out different buildings and build your base as you like to. Build your clans and get ready for the grand attacks against your enemies. Take part in numerous challenges and missions. Unlock a number of power-ups as well as upgrades. Anything is imaginable in Clash of Clans; you just have to reach a certain landmark.

Collect gems and money to fight with other clans and to upgrade your land. Moreover, you can join other clans and play with them too.

Features of Clash of Clans Mod Apk:

To get ahead of your competitors in-game, you need unlimited coc gems, gold, elixir, etc. You don’t need to purchase all these items. With this coc modded apk you can get access to clash of clans unlimited game items. Let’s dive in and have a look at some of the remarkable features of COC mod apk.

Unlimited Gems:

The Gems are a premium resource in the game, which helps the players accelerate the building and development of the town and the formation of an army. Using coc unlimited gems mod, you will undoubtedly get unlimited gems for free.

Unlimited Gold:

Gold is used in the game for the building as well as for improving buildings using different decorations. Therefore, gold is also a valuable resource in COC; getting gold could give the players ultra-boost in the game. You will get unlimited gold by installing the latest version of the clash of clans mod apk.

Clash of Clans mod apk img


Unlimited Elixir:

The elixir is used for creating and improving the troops, building an army, getting gold warehouses and gold mines. By using the elixir, players can make a special tonic that will help them on the combat zone.

Unlock All Troops:

There are a number of different troops in Clash of Clans. Mainly they are divided into two groups: defensive and offensive. The defensive units are used for Guarding Posts, and they are found in the castle clan. The offensive troops are used to attack other towns. The offensive troops are trained in the camps. The village defense depends on the power and strength of these troops. This COC mod enables the players to unlock all the troops.

Make Your Own Clan

Clash of Clans MOD APK is one of the most widely played games and you can develop your own clan and recruit soldiers in your clan. These soldiers may be swordsmen, sorcerers, warriors, and even dragons too. These warriors can help you fight and win against other armies.

If you’re not interested in building your own clan then you can always join someone else’s clan as it is easier than to build your own clan. But you should keep in mind that once your clans become stronger than you’ll also have to protect them because it becomes a potential target for other clans.

Anti-Ban Feature:

One of the best things about this mod is that you’ll never get banned while playing the game. Remember to sign in using your details.

Supports Every Device:

The COC mod runs on almost all android devices having 4.1 and up.

Latest version:

You will get the clash of clans mod apk latest version. Stay tuned to have the version of the game.

Feel free to download coc mod apk today and move to the top of the leaderboards.

Why Should You Use COC mod apk?

By using clash of clans mod apk for android, you will be able to join several compatible Clash of clans competitors. If you’re not using the modded coc version to get unlimited gold, elixir, gems for free, and to unlock troops you are definitely disadvantaging yourself compared to your competitors.

The coc modded apk will help you in building the assets along with letting you grow the defensive and offensive strategies and ultimately help you be more energetic in the fight against your rivals. There is nearly no limit to the resources that will be available to you by using clash of clans apk.

clash of clans mod apk fight

Steps to Download COC Mod Apk

You don’t need to worry about downloading and installing clash of clans mod apk for android as we have got you covered. Just follow the below-listed steps for downloading the coc modded apk.

  • First of all, click the “Download button.” After some time, you will be redirected to the clash of clans mod apk download
  • Now click the download button you see on the page, and your downloading process will start.
  • Wait for some time until the apk file is downloaded on your device.
  • Make sure to enable the option “Unknown resources” in your smartphone settings

Installation Guidelines for clash of clans mod apk

  • If you are installing the app from the file manager for the first time, you will be asked for some general permissions.
  • From your phone’s settings, allow all the required general permissions.
  • After that, install the game.
  • The app will install in few minutes.

Tips for Playing Clash of Clans Mod APK

In such a complex and massive game, you should learn about a few tips to make sure that will enable you to flourish in Clash of Clans. Ensure that you are ready to pick up something new in the game. The ones who don’t adapt don’t last for a long time.

Raid empty headquarters

Some players leave the bases empty whenever they go out on the town to attack their enemies. Some players have just stopped playing the game completely, and they are easier targets for raiding and getting some assets.

Always place the town hall within your base

Make sure to place the town hall within your base and always guard it against attacks. No one wants to have any unwanted people inside the tall hall. Always put it inside the walls and protect it by having proper defensive measures.

clash of clans game play collage

Upgrade the collectors and mines

Resources play an important role in the game, and everyone wants them to get ahead of others. Therefore, it is very important to upgrade mines as well as collectors so that you can have enough of them in the war.

Don’t breakdown the shield

Shield is one item that protects the town when you aren’t there to defend it yourself. It will break if you attack a town. Always remember to time the attacks for when you’ve around 30 minutes left on the shield; like this, you can attack the enemies with the minimum chance of being confronted by yourself.

Clash of Clans Mod APK Rating

Best Rating 5
Worst Rating 1
Average Rating 4.8
Rating Count 112


Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games, getting high ratings from the game fanatics. As a loyal fan of the tactics, Clash of Clans is an excellent choice for you. You can download the COC mod to enjoy all the features such as unlimited gold, elixir, and gems.

This COC Mod APK is compatible, highly available, provides unlimited resources, safe and secure to use. You are definitely going to enjoy this Mod APK more than the original version. Leave a comment below if you want to know anything about it.


How can I get free unlimited COC gems?

Gems are one of the premium currencies to use in the game. Download Clash of Clans MOD APK version to get unlimited resources for free.

Can I Unlock All Troops in COC?

This coc mod also unlocks all troops in the game without any issue.

Is there a Clash of Clans MOD for iOS available?

Yes, you can find Clash of Clans mod for iOS as well on our page.

Is this COC MOD 100% free, safe, and with no Ads?

This coc modded APK is 100% safe and free to use. You won’t get any ads while playing the game.